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A New Standard
in Smart Home

Elegant | Easy to Use | Future-Proof

Experience top-notch smart home automation solutions with us!

We integrate products and technologies from the best of breed brands to deploy home automation solutions that are elegant, easy to use and future-proof.

Interfaces: switches, panels, voice

Live a Mumbai-inspired smart home experience with seamless control. Our personalized solution integrates switches, smart control panels, and voice assistants to match your unique lifestyle and needs.

Sensors Integration

Experience the peace of mind and convenience of a smart home in Mumbai. Our system integrates sensors for motion, presence, temperature, humidity, and even air quality, ensuring your comfort and security.

Energy management

Take control of your smart home energy consumption with our comprehensive energy management solutions. Optimize efficiency and reduce costs in your smart home effortlessly.

Lighting, climate and curtain control

Embrace comfort regardless of Mumbai's weather. Automate lighting, curtains, and climate control to set the perfect ambiance for any room in your smart home.

Networking and security

Create efficient and secure smart home networks for people, devices, streaming service, guests, and security devices. Stay connected and safeguarded with our robust smart home networking and security solutions.

Home Automation - Thread, Zigbee, Bluetooth BLE

Best in class home automation company for its execution
and support services

Experience our turn-key solution from conceptualization and proposal to execution and post execution support.


We are a leading home automation company in Mumbai with a skilled team that works closely with customers, interior designers, architects, electrical contractors, and project teams to seamlessly integrate our solutions with customer's lifestyle, design preferences, and custom requirements. 

Expect our comprehensive support for post installation needs, including - technical support, additional automation requirement, adjustment to automation routines, security upgrades, product upgrades and issue resolution.


As a trusted home automation company in Mumbai, our solution includes ongoing monitoring of devices, network, energy consumption, security, and automation routines to ensure your Smart Home Experience is best-in-class.

smart lock, smart lighting, window covering, apple homekit

Our automation works with

Apple HomeKit - HomePod, Apple TV, HomePod mini

Apple HomeKit

“Hey Siri, dim the lights”

Google Home

Google Home

"OK, Google, turn on the TV."

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, turn off kitchen lights at 10pm."

Samsung smartthings

Samsung SmartThings

“Hey Bixby, move the music to the living room"

Are You Ready to experience the difference ?

Transform your home into a smart sanctuary. Experience the luxury and comfort of home automation.


Get started now to make your dream home a reality.

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